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Hand Held Power Tool Hand Held Power Tool
Engine Powerful 51cc, 2-Cycle Engine Electronic Ignition For reliable starts in all conditions
Spring Assist Starting Technology Dramatically reduced starting effort! Starts with just a slow, smooth pull. – Not just a dampener!
Saw Capabilities  18” Bar Length
Automatic Oiler  Provides consistent lubrication to bar and chain while the saw is running
Sprocket Tip Bar  Increases the RPM of the chain and decreases bar wear
Inertia Chain Brake Immediately stops the chain when the saw encounters inertia produced by kickback
AUTO CHOKE Simple one-step choke setting automatically adjusts  throttle to high idle when applied.
Carry Case Included
Protects saw in transit, as well as eliminates oil drip while in storage
Anti-Vibration Handle
Reduced vibration decreases user fatigue. 

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